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Sportsbetting in Canada!

Horse Racing Sportsbetting

Horse Racing - also known as the Sport of Kings - is a popular sportsbetting event for many people. From the Royal Windsor Racetrack in London, England to Portland Meadows in Oregon, Usa, to Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Canada, people are placing legal bets at licensed online sportsbooks, hoping that their favourite racing stallions will result in a win place or show.

Amercian Football Sportsbetting

American Football and America's famous Super Bowl is the most watched sport in the United States of America. Whether you're by yourself or hanging out with friends huddled around watching the game onTV or watching it at a local sportsbar, there are many opportunites for bettors to place their bets on touchdowns legally online at licensed sportsbooks in Ontario, Canada and abroad.

Canadian Hockey Sportsbetting

Hockey is a sport that was created in Montreal, Canada and has always been the most popular sport in Canada. Canadians can place their bets at provincial sportsbooks, and citizens residing in Ontario can also legally place bets on their favourite teams and games at many other sportsbooks licensed throug iGaming.Whether your a fan of the Leafs or the Habs - or another team - the perfect game is waiting here for you. Bet on it!

Basketball Sportsbetting

Basketball is another popular game with Canadians. Whether it's shooting some hoops with friends at the local basketball court, or watching pro basketball live, b-ball is a popular sport in Canada. Basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith, while he was living in Springfield, Machussetts, USA. Basketball sportsbetting is legally available to Canadians at provincially licensed online sportsbooks, as well as sportsbooks licensed in Ontario, Canada by iGaming for Ontario residents.

Baseball Sportsbetting

Baseball is loved by Canadians almost as much as hockey! The infamous Toronto Blue Jays are always willing to play ball, and many Canadians proudly cheer them on. And now, thanks to iGaming and AGCO, people living in Ontario can now legally place their bets on homeruns at a variety of licensed online sportsbooks.

Soccer Sportsbetting

Soccer is a the most popular sport in Canada in terms of participation. It's and easy, fun and healthy game to play. It is also fun to watch and bet on. There are many legal sportsbooks in Canada that offer a variety of options and spreads for soccer bettors.

Sportsbetting Laws

Sportsbetting Laws - and gambling laws in general - are determined provincially in Canada. That is, it is up to each province to determine whether different types of gambling are legal or illegal. In each province a bettor must be of legal age to play. In any province, online gambling is legal provided that it is at provincially operated lottery and casino. The exception is in Ontario, where casino games and sportsbetting are now offered to Ontarians at any establishment licensed by iGaming Ontario, as well as through traditional provincially owned Ontario Lottery & Gaming corporation.


Whether you love hockey, football, baseball, basketball, horseracing, tennis or golf, there is a sportsbook waiting for you! Placing your bets is as easy as 1-2-3!

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